Tonga Trade Policy Custom Essay

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section A as a background about the economic in Tonga you will write about 3 point in this section. section B has three headings B1, B2& B3 and each heading has point you must talk about it. Section C this is the important part in the report you should write at least 2000 words here. In the last two page i need talk about section C2 cause its recommendations i need at least 10 recommendations with supporting. E.g Which area in Tonga its benefit from Trade policy?.NOTE: Total words around 5000 MAX so please i need 2500 in section A&B and 2500 words in section C. at the end do the report format guide as you will read it in the attachment. in the references list write the all references you using in the report and the Bibliography write all references you read it but not using plus the references list then the appendices.

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