Globalization: topic related to globalization and/or the current global economic crisis Custom Essay

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Within Unit VIII you are going to submit a Research Paper based upon a topic related to globalization and/or the current
global economic crisis. The Research Paper will need to be at least 10-15 pages long with five scholarly references to
support your argument surrounding your topic, answer your research question, or support your points about the need for
further research on this topic. The point of this paper is not just to summarize research on this topic, but to integrate your
critical thinking and perspective on an aspect of this topic that relates to International Economics, answering a question
you may have about it, or making a specific point or argument with the help of the supporting articles that you choose.
For your first submission, you need to choose a topic related to this course, and more specifically, globalization and/or the
current global economic crisis. With this submission you need to provide your topic, your plans for researching your topic,
some basic information on your chosen topic, and how it relates to International Economics. This is a good opportunity for
you to provide some more interesting facts about your topic to provide your professor with some brief insight into your research.

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