Glossary from the book “On Bullshit” Research Paper

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The glossary should consist of an alphabetical list of authors, theorists, literary works, unusual terminology, etc. that Frankfurt employs in his book. For each individual, work or term you should compose a concise, helpful definition. Don’t pad your glossary with simple vocabulary unless they are words/terms you are genuinely unfamiliar with.

Your definitions must be based on research utilizing print and online sources. Your glossary entries should be one to three sentences long and must include a parenthetical citation identifying the source/s of the information. Please consult Joseph Gibaldi’s MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers for appropriate forms of documentation.

An example of a satisfactory glossary entry is presented below for the first reference you’ll encounter in Why Read?

Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). Influential American poet who graduated from medical school and combined his profession with his interest in poetry. Williams defined his poetry in opposition to T.S. Eliot’s works ( Encyclopedia of Literary Modernism. Westport , Conn. : Greenwood, 2003; pp., 459-461).

Use this entry as a template for the ones you will be writing for On Bullshit. Good glossary entries are succinct and add to the readers? understanding of the text.

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