Sociology The Budget simulation game assignment Research Paper

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The Budget Simulation Game Assignment
For this assignment, you get to be a member of Congress deciding how to best spend our tax dollars! As you play the National Budget Simulation game, you?ll have to decide how much money is spent on several categories of federal funding such as the military, agriculture, education, health care, social security, and others.
Go to: . We will ?play? the short version of the game. You can play as many times as you?d like until you?re satisfied with your outcomes.
As you go through the game, keep a list of the changes you?re making in each area.
Once you?ve decided on the monetary changes that you want to make, just click the ?find out what the budget is? button at the bottom of the page. The results will show how much you?ve spent in each area, and it will indicate whether you?ve increased or decreased the national deficit and by how much.
When you have the outcomes with which you are satisfied, in detail, answer the questions below.
1. In which categories did you make the greatest changes? Why?? Which categories did you not change??
2. What do your proposed changes indicate about your beliefs regarding what the government should do for us??
3. Which 3 changes do you feel are the most important? Why? ?If these 3 budget changes could actually be carried out, what effects would you expect to see in our society as a result??
4. What are the best things we could do to help reduce the federal deficit? ?What kinds of compromises might be necessary if we lower current spending in order to reduce the deficit? ?Would those compromises be worthwhile in your opinion? Explain.?
5. Overall, what do you consider the most important roles of government as a social institution?

The Budget Simulation Game Grading Criteria

Grading Criteria


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