HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE: Explain the relation between private troubles & public issues and social policy with examples to illustrate Custom Essay

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1. Explain the relation between private troubles & public issues and social policy with examples to illustrate ( use the below hints to point out the explanation)

You need discuss;
 Origins/foundations of the welfare state-
 Poor law reform
 Victorian attitudes to vulnerable people
 Beveridge
 What Britain was like under Conservatives New Right and New labours approach to welfare
 You then MUST include the exercise we covered on private problems at this time public issues Government response Social Services


2. Explain by using out of the hints below with examples, four influences on the making of social policy

 Use a separate paragraph for each influence.
 You can choose 4 from the following;
 Critical incidents
 Pressure groups
 Professionals within the social services
 Private problems/ public issues
 Demographic changes
 Political influences etc
 For each you MUST demonstrate background reading/ research and include references and refer the reader to the appendix section where

 (you have already covered and completed research on many of the above)

3. Describe the funding mechanisms for social care services, including charges to service
users (refer to your Local Authority charging policy)

 How is Central Government funded?
 How is Local Government funded?
 How does Glasgow city council fund social services? (You need to get actual figures of allocated money) Where does the council get

its money from? (Include monies given from National/ local Government, council tax, fees and charges, parking….)
 How exactly is your placement funded?
 You need to discuss the role of charities, the Big Lottery and individual contributions and how these contribute to the funding and

running of social services

4. Describe the process in your agency for developing policies & procedures & how workers are made aware of these.

5. Describe three ways in which rights & responsibilities are promoted within your agency
with particular reference to the factors which can affect service users’ rights.

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