Hochschild, Arlie. The Second Shift. McGraw Hill Publishers. Custom Essay

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Please provide one paragraph that introduces the book. In your introduction, provide a brief discussion regarding what you thought about the book. You should end the introduction with an outline detailing what you intend to focus on in your review.

2. Brief Description of the Book
Please provide one to two paragraphs providing a basic description of the book. Make sure you include a description of the major themes the author is trying to point out.

3. Critical Review
Give your own critical assessment of a few of the major themes outlined in the book. You can start from the points you found most interesting in the book. As you make your points, be sure to refer back to specific pages of the book that help illustrate your comments/critiques. This critical review should be about 2-3 pages long.

4. Closing Comments and Reflections
This should be two paragraphs to one page in length. Wrap up your arguments and critiques, emphasizing once again the points you have been focusing on throughout your review.

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