Identify a situation in your life or in the life of someone you know that is distressing to you Custom Essay

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Write a 350 to 700 word paper in which you identify a situation in your life or in the life of someone you know that is distressing to you. Examples of situations could include working for an unfair boss, having a fear of being laid off, considering ending an unhappy relationship, experiencing behavior problems with children, or being on academic probation.

Use the following questions to develop your paper:

• Is this situation a problem or an issue? Describe the process you used to distinguish between problems and issues.
• How would you express the problem or issue?
• Describe how you are going to conduct the research necessary to solve the problem or issue. What sources of information will you use?
• How will you work out the details of your solution to your problem or issue? How will you refine your solution so that it can withstand other people’s criticism?
• How will you decide what action should be taken? How will you recognize and overcome difficulties?

Format your paper consistent with the Short Form Writing Style Guide.

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