Identify the album, its contents, the composers and performers Custom Essay

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– Identify the album, its contents, the composers and performers.
– Establish the significance of the recording by discussing why this recording is important or worthy of other people’s attention. Identify the performers and explain what special expertise (if any) or celebrity they bring to the recording?
– Include some relevant biographical information on the composer. At what point in his/her career was this piece written? How does it fit into the larger body of their work? Where did the composer write this work (i.e. was the composer a German living in London, or a Frenchman living in Italy?) and what relevance does that have to this recording?
– Put the music into historical perspective by considering who wrote the music, what era it represents, and how this style or form of music became possible. You might want to briefly discuss what style or form preceded it. Was this music going to have an impact on future musicians?
– Comment on the execution or performance of the music. Did it fit your expectations of what music of this period should sound like, or how it should be performed?
– Your evaluation of the interpretation of the music and the decisions the performers made. You can consider tempo, dynamics, texture, and emotion.
– Your evaluation of the performance. Did the performer(s) live up to your expectations in the way they played the music? If not, explain why.

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