Implementation Implications and Solutions in The Limited Brands Inc Custom Essay

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The company used is the Limited Brands Inc.

This assignment provides an opportunity to critically evaluate the assumptions and dependencies of your strategic recommendations, forecast implementation issues, and provide potential solutions. Building from your Strategic Recommendations, complete the following:

Evaluate the assumptions and interlocking dependencies of the strategic plan.
Using your assumption and dependency evaluation, forecast any implementation issues. Basically, if your assumption does not hold true, what is a potential implementation issue? What do you need to consider?
For each of your most likely implementation issues, prescribe a potential solution within the framework of your strategic plan.
Evaluate the strategically appropriate relationships to have within your supply chain, value chain, organizational structure, and organizational communication to implement your strategic recommendations.
Evaluate the potential issues in and barriers to implementing your suggested knowledge management and organizational learning strategies.
Your assignment should be approximately 8�10 double-spaced pages. Refer to the scoring guide prior to submission to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.

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