Sectional Crisis Custom Essay

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textbook is
Tindall, George Brown., and David Shi. America: A Narrative History, Vol. I, 8th
Edition. New York & London: WW. Norton & Co., 2010

1. Review the chapters in your textbook that explain the growing sectional crisis between North and South. Feel free to pull from any material covered in the class thus far. However, the most beneficial readings may be Chapters 12 to 16.

2. Read the attached documents found at the top of this assignment titled "Sectional Crisis Attachment." Use the documents/primary sources to help with your play. To get a top score you should use as many of the documents as possible. A solid play will utilize the vast majority of the documents.


Your task is to use the provided documents and the textbook to write a play set in the middle of the 1800s. To get a top score you should use as many of the documents as possible. The play should illustrate the growing sectional rift between the North and South in the 1850s. Choose any setting that is historically accurate or reasonable. For example, either two brothers out for dinner or a couple of strangers on a train are both reasonable settings. However, a slave debating his master is not as likely. Remember � your play should utilize both the documents and the textbook. The goal is to highlight what you perceive as the war’s main causes.

Both sides are very definite about their positions: one is staunchly pro-secession (South), the other is adamantly opposed to secession (North). Make sure that you clearly articulate the major reasons for the Civil War (based on your study of the material).

To maintain authenticity you may use the term "Negro." Please refrain from using the � N-word.�

Cite the page numbers (from the textbook) and documents used for all dialogue. When citing from the documents, use the document�s identifying letter to designate the source. For example, the brief exchange below cites both information from the textbook and � Document B� by John C. Calhoun.

Example of format and citations:

Robert Dylan: Of course slavery is wrong. It even destroys whites turning kind hearted masters into blood thirsty tyrants. The spread of slavery must be stopped. (Tindall 285)

James Hendrix: You are crazy. Always talking about the "times a changing." No my friend. It has been proven scientifically that slavery works and actually helps the poor Negro. This is a way of life which must be preserved. (Tindall 286)

Robert Dylan: This is plain foolishness. It is clear that the two races are in their natural position. In any civilized world one race is superior and the other inferior. Slavery, my dear friend, is no curse, it is a positive good. (Document B)

Note Well: Put the ideas from the textbook and documents into your own words. This is a conversation between two or more people.
Other Requirements

Use one-inch margins.

Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.

Use double line spacing in the document.

To earn a top score, your paper should focus on the main arguments and explore them in detail from both sides. If possible, it should also be reasonably entertaining. Remember, it’s a play. Also, try to use as many of the documents as possible. A solid play will utilize the vast majority of the documents.

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