Institutional Practices Affecting First-Year Hispanic Students Community Colleges in Texas Custom Essay

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I would like my literature review to cover topics that include the following:
Institutional Practices at Community Colleges,
Community Colleges that are finding successes and what strategies are they using to graduate Hispanic students,
Completion Rates by Hispanic Students,
Student Success Strategies (O’Banion),
Colleges that have daycares on campus and the impact it has made on Hispanic completion,
Colleges that employ more than half of their student population and what impact has it had on Hispanic completion,
Any other topics pertinent to the topic are welcome.

The current research focus is two-fold:
1) Identify current community college practices that cause attrition and affect retention among first-year Hispanic students.
2) Determine valuable programs and services that could be added to assist first-year Hispanic students in completing their degree programs.
To achieve these purposes, the study seeks to ascertain necessary programs and services that prevent first-year Hispanic students from discontinuing their post-secondary education. This study will also explore whether current practices interfere with institutional efforts to meet the ?Closing the Gaps by 2015? statewide initiative.

This study explores whether certain institutional practices are major contributors to attrition among Hispanics. Additionally, this study will identify programs and services that are lacking in community colleges and could aid in retaining Hispanic students. The following research questions will form the basis of this investigation:
1. What current institutional practices have had the greatest impact on retention?
2. What current institutional practices have had the least impact on retention?
3. What programs and services are needed to help Hispanic students stay in college and complete their degree programs?

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