Intellectual Property Law Custom Essay

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Critically discuss the issue of infringement of copyright in the WTW book, as examined in the case of Paul Gregory Allen v Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Joanne Kathleen Murray(aka JK Rowling)(2010) EWCH 2560 (ch).
Could you please follow the referencing that I will detail below:
Books: author, title, place of publication, publisher and date
Articles: author, title, journal, volume, year, and first and last page numbers
Edited works: author, title of chapter followed by “in” editor(s) name of place of work, place of publication, publisher, date and first and last page numbers of the chapter
Quotations: require the above detail plus appropriate page numbers
This piece of coursework will be assessed by reference to the following criteria:
1. The ability to express arguments cogently and coherently.
2. Ability to analyze a legal issue.
3. Ability to understand and appreciate wider issues of law or policy that may be involved.
NB. The arguments should be logically structured and backed up with appropriate authority i.e., the statutory provisions or relevant case law.

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