Asian Philosophy Custom Essay

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Asian Philosophy; “You must make substantial use of at least three authoritative sources in your paper. Though you may make use of websites, no website will count toward this requirement. E-journals, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable.
Developing a topic: To develop a topic, I suggest (but do not require) that you use one of the three tactics listed below. If you have an idea which does not correspond to one of these tactics, that’s fine—I’ll let you know if there are problems with it. For each topic, I have listed the (a) basic strategy, (b) cautionary advice, and (c) the form that your thesis should take.

Exegetical approach
a) Find a passage (or set of related passages) in a text we have read which is on the verge of being too difficult or obscure for you to understand. With reference to the rest of that text and three or more quality sources, develop a fine-grained and detailed interpretation of the passage. Be precise, specific, and thoughtful. You may use your own examples and illustrations, but use these to illuminate something in the text. At all costs, stay centered on the text.
b) Do not give a running commentary or vague summary of the passage. I want you to “expand” on the passage, not simply restate it in your own words, or, even worse, oversimplify it through simple summary.
c) For your thesis, clearly state the interpretation you are attempting to support in your paper.

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