Virtual Cemetery Custom Essay

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Basically, for the online version of the cemetery project you do the same assignment as everyone else; you just get your data from a website instead of having to actually go to the cemetery in person. The main differences are that you won’t have to make a map and that you’ll have to document 60 gravestones instead of 30. The increase in the number of stones is because not having to travel to a cemetery and study them in person will save you a lot of time and hassle relative to the other students.
Go to the site map page at Marblehead’s Old Burial Hill website (, where you’ll find a list of well over a hundred headstones. For each of these, there’s a link to a page with a photo and an inscription transcript. Those photos and transcriptions give you enough information to fill out the same data table that everyone else is using, so please use the instructions in the cemetery assignment PDF to do that. Just lengthen the table to 60 lines instead of 30. How you choose your stones is up to you: you might choose to concentrate on 1-3 geographic areas listed in the “Virtual Tour” section of the site map page (which would approximate what other students are doing), or you might select all the stones from a particular date range, or you might use some other attribute. So long as you list data on 60 of them and tell me how you chose them, it’s OK.
The rest of the assignment is pretty much the same as described in the regular “Cemetery Study Instructions” document: same hypothesis test methodology, same word count requirement, same Safe Assign or email submission, etc. Since you’ll have more headstone data than just about everyone else, you’ll probably end up with better, richer results than many of them!

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