Invest his money in a stock in UK equity market Custom Essay

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A client would like to invest his money in a stock in UK equity market. As an investment analyst, you need to write an investment report on the stock the client is interested in investing
Project description
In your investment report, you need to carry out the following analyses
(i) Performance and new analysis: Compare the firm’s returns with that of the market as well as calculate the firm’s risk adjusted returns. Identify news (which include earnings announcements, release of relevant economic data, analysts’ recommendations, etc) which are relevant to the firm’s price performance as well as support your analysis in the report.
(ii) Valuation: Carry out the DDM valuation under the CAPM framework using multistage growth model. Use PE, DY, PB and PS comparable approach to complement the DDM valuation. The valuation results are presented using SML. Finally, a discussion on the DDM versus comparable approach to inform the client is required.
(iii) Conclusion: This will demonstrate your understanding of the subject and ability to put all results in a coherent summary

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