Scientific Merit Form, Sections Custom Essay

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Possible changes recommended by my advisor. This will be my last chance I have this quarter to submit the form for approved. Please help me to being approved to continue the rest of the form. Here is part of the email the advisor sent me:
My comments in the document will hopefully guide you as you work on the document. Here are the issues to consider:
Study organizations that are investigating skills and competencies for faculty-designers (see note with, etc. in document).
Read the Reigeluth, Instructional-design theories and models (vol.III) preface, forward and chapter 1 to identify how the theoretical foundation applies to your study.
Be sure your problem is what directs your research questions. Be sure your problem directs you to think about the quantitative question(s) you decide to use?
Write a paragraph that answers the question, “Why do we need to study this?” It needs to be from the research or study perspective not from the work perspective.

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