Media Literacy and the Critical Process Custom Essay

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1. Description – Pick current one reality show and one drama (total 2). Choose programs that either started in the last year or two. Now develop a “view sheet” that allows you to take notes as you watch the two programs over a four-week period. (total 8) Keep track of main characters, plot lines, settings, conflicts, and resolutions. Also track the main problems that are posed in the programs and how they are worked out in each episode. Find out and compare the basic production costs of each program.
2. Analysis – Look for patterns and differences in the ways stories are told in the two programs. At a general level, what are the conflicts about (e.g., men versus women, managers versus employees, tradition versus change, individuals versus institutions, honesty versus dishonesty, authenticity versus artificiality)? How complicated or simple are the tensions in the two programs, and how are problems resolved? Are there some conflicts that should not be permitted-like pitting white against black contestants? Are there noticeable differences between “the look” of each program?
3. Interpretation – What do some of the patterns mean? What seems to be the point of each program? What are they each trying to say about relationships, values, masculinity or femininity, power, social class, and so on?
4. Evaluation – What are the strengths and weaknesses of each program? Which program would you judge as better at telling a compelling story that you want to watch each week? How could each program improve its storytelling?

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