LEGAL ISSUES; LAW AND SOCIETY trouble case v. official law stuff custom essay

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Explains significance of the following concept
1) trouble case v. official law stuff

2) sovereignty v. legal pluralism

3) legal consciousness v. social solidarity

4) utilitarianism v. punishment

5) Blackstone’s Commentaries / Abigail Bailey’s Coverture

6) Tocqueville’s Democracy in America / Nader’s To Make the Balance

Long answer

1. How would you compare and contrast Beccaria’s recommendations for the reform of the criminal law to the retrospective history recounted by Foucault?
2. What is the significance of Bentham’s Panopticon?
3. Compare / contrast a utilitarian view of law’s function in society (e.g., that of Bentham and/or Beccaria) with the view of one other author we have studied this semester.

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