Lisa is a new medical assistant in a large primary care practice Custom Essay

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Lisa is a new medical assistant in a large primary care practice. At the end of the day, she was in the waiting room straightening up when the office manager, Jaime, entered the room and seemed to be checking up on Agnes’s work.Peter picked up a stack of a local health newsletters and frowned. “What are these doing here, Agnes?” Agnes took a step back and quietly said, “I’m not sure,” keeping her eyes toward the floor. Jaime stepped toward Agnes, shaking the newsletters as he said, “Look Agnes, you don’t get to decide what the patients get to see. That’s Dr.Gray’s job.” At this point, Dr.Gray walked through the waiting room, smiled, and said, “Oh sorry, I put them out there as a resource for patients. Have a good evening!” Dr. Ruiz then walked out. Under his breath, Peter muttered, “Who does he think he is?” and tossed the newsletters back on the table. Agnes looked at Jaime and an irritated voice said, “I guess you can leave them out then,” and shrugged as he walked out of the room. Agnes took a deep breath and straightened the newsletters. Include an introduction and conclusion Identify the case study you have chosen. Define the elements of good interpersonal communication. what happened in the case study, and why it is an example of poor interpersonal communication show the following Perceptions of the participants The conflict type and conflict management styles Listening barriers Supportive and defensive climates and relationships Verbal and nonverbal communication what could have been done differently in each case study. This must align to the elements of effective interpersonal communication. In 1000 words

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