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• You are required to analyse and discuss 4 major aspects of your placement for this essay. These are;
1. The social aspects of the workplace
2. Professional issues in the workplace
3. Financial issues in the workplace
4. The management style and its effectiveness

Details of what you should write can be accessed from the link ” Major essay guidelines” below.

The word count is 2200 words.

A minimum of 6 in-text references are required for a Pass. Additional references, used appropriately, may assist in obtaining a higher grade. A Reference List is required.

Essay guidelines for the ‘Major Essay’

The essay will give you an opportunity to bring together most of the goals of PE2(My internship in Hilton hotel Adelaide) into a well rounded summary. You will be using information for ‘Analyse and work with the social, professional, financial and managerial issues that occur in the hospitality industry’ to write this essay.

Your essay will cover the following 4 topics.

1. The social aspects of the workplace. Look at aspects of staff-staff relationships and comment on well staff work or do not work with each other. Analyse the dynamics of the workplace to work out why this is so. What does management theory have to say about this?
Relevant subjects to use to write about this area are Communication, Room Division Management, Food and beverage management, and Marketing for Hospitality Enterprises.

2. Professional issues in the workplace. Are managers professional in the way they communicate with staff? Do they potray a good role model for staff? If they are professional, what is it that they do that makes them appear ‘professional’? If you think they are unprofessional, why do you think so? Support your arguments with appropriate management theory.
Relevant subjects to use to write about this area are human resource management, Hospitality Experience, Customer Behavior.

3. Financial issues in the workplace. Do you think that there is effective financial management in the department where you work? Discuss this aspect. You can look at how supervisors allocate budgets for staffing, food costs and any relevant spending that they do. Of course, this assumes you are able to get the information.
Relevant subjects to use to write about this area are Finance and Accounting for hospitality business, international hospitality, room division management, and Marketing for Hospitality Enterprises

4. The management style and its effectiveness. Make an overall critique of your managers. Using the Quinn text from international hotel management, analyse what kind of manager they are. How well are these managers respected by other managers and staff? How effective are they in getting things done? Are they task-focussed or employee-focussed? How could they improve?
Relevant subjects to use to write about this area are Communication, International Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, and Hospitality Experience.

Therefore, from the 4 issues above it would be useful, every time you see or hear something relating to them during your internship, to record it into your blog so that you can use it for the essay. You will then have enough information to write the essay.

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