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Assessment #2 – Assignment 2
Kellogs wants to commission research to measure shopper attitudes and behaviour towards their cereal and snack products in Australia. You have been asked to prepare a brief. With this in mind you need to identify:

What type of research is needed? (qualitative or quantitative and explain why)
What research method would you recommend for collecting the data?
Who should be included in the research (target respondents)?
An appropriate sample size and selection method.
How, if at all, might your recommended research method and/or sample size change if you were told you had to present research findings to the Board of Directors in two weeks?
The following marking criteria will be used to assess your work

Marking Criteria for Assignment 2 and Weighting

Ability to apply answer to the scenario given (20%)
Discussion of type of research (15%)
Discussion of research method (15%)
Discussion of respondent sample (15%)
Discussion of sample size and selection (15%)
Discussion of changes with time constraint (15%)
Presentation, clarity, correct referencing (5%)
Feedback on this assignment will be provided on the Feedback form

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