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Task Description:
The major research essay (2,500 words) represents the completion of your research into a specific aspect of popular culture in Australia. Students may design their own research project on a subject that interests them in consultation with their tutor or choose/modify one of the questions listed on the blackboard site. The blackboard site also contains a sample of an excellent essay.

The aim is to produce a well -focused essay which provides an argument illustrated through discussion of particular examples drawn from your primary research, rather than providing a synthesis based on secondary sources.

You should consult 6-8 secondary sources in the course of your research. These may be journal articles or book chapters (or whole books for that matter). Internet sources are not acceptable. This does not apply to library data bases such as Jstor or Web of Science. Primary sources should be sufficient to support your argument.

Marking criteria:

1. Ability to collect, organise and analyse information from relevant primary and/or secondary sources.

2. Depth of reflection and of your own ideas

3. Soundness of argument. ( You should state a position and support it through evidence and sound logic. An example of an argument is: Australians are not as sport obsessed as depicted by the media.)

4. Ability to convey ideas fluently in writing.(Do all the parts of your essay hang together in a logical fashion? Do your sentences make sense?)

5. Referencing in accordance with EMSAH requirements. To be found at

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