Marketing Plan for promoting organic food in retail market (Hong Kong) Custom Essay

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1. Scope /Rationale of Project
Unlike American and European countries, HK people are started lately on the concerns of the nutritional value of food and health issues. HK people are now more aware of food quality and safety and so the food consumption patterns are changing rapidly in recent years. This attracts consumer interest in organic food that is free from pesticides and chemical residues. However, there are not many channels for HK people to buy organic food conveniently and at reasonable prices.

For this project, I am employed as a Marketing Manager of a company which is prepared to invest in organic food retailing industry. The Project will:
i. review the market situation of organic food retailing industry including competition
ii. explore the consumer behaviour on organic food consumption
iii. find out the target customer profile why some choose organic food and some not cho0se?
iv. provide the company with analysis to assist decision-making
v. formulate a marketing plan — what marketing mindset and programmes would be recommended
vi. formulate relevant strategies to attract potential consumers.

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