Medication Adherence in Elders; Topic Medication adherence in elders custom essay

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This is a research proposal Paper (Topic Medication adherence in elders) divided into five different sections;
– Specific Aims (1 page)
– Literature Review (3-4 pages)
– Theoretical Framework (1-2 pages)
– Concept Map (1 page)
– Methodology Overview (1-2 page
I have attached the first one which is the SPECIFIC AIM i had done, but as you can see it will need a lot of corrections. The purpose is for you to rewrite this for me (The SPECIFIC AIM to be precise) and make corrections as stated by the instructor. Strictly APA format. So please I would want this re done for me, It is just a page needed. This paper also has to pass through a plagiarism check. They are fine with less than 10 percent plagiarism. Any thing more than that is a no no. Thank you. I would also like the same person to work on all papers until completion, so i will be returning to who ever writes this. Thanks.

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