1. Does your company use market segmentation? What segments does the company target? (In other words, who are its customers?)

2. Describe the marketing mix at your company. What is the company’s product/service? You may want to describe how the product, place, promotion, and price all work together to position the company competitively. How does the market mix help reach the target customer?

3. Describe in detail how the company promotes its product. Does it advertise? Does it utilize an extensive sales force? Does it utilize sales promotions? How does it attract customers?

4. In terms of place, where does your company do business? Does the company have terminals, distribution centers, or warehouses located strategically around the country/world?

5. Identify the company’s competitors.

6. Try to determine your company’s market share. Try to determine how it compares in sales relative to its competitors. (note this has nothing to do with stock price – market share refers to how much of the revenue in the industry does your company have?

7. What is your company’s competitive advantage?

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