On Tidy Endings Custom Essay

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For this essay, you will select one of the assigned readings and write a classical argument that deals with the topic addressed in the work. In essence, you will either agree or disagree with the main theme/claim/statement of the work. Again, your thesis should be a claim, and it should be debatable and defendable. Unlike Essay 1, in this essay you are required to use evidence outside of your own personal experience to make your argument. You should select sources that are relevant, trustworthy, and academic. Remember that ethos and logos are the heart of a solid argument, and pathos should be used with diligence.

-On Tidy Endings (p. 463)
Should gay marriage be legal? Or, does legalizing gay marriage undermine the institution of marriage itself?
Is it a positive thing that the definition of family has changed so much over the last few decades? Are such inclusive definitions beneficial or detrimental to society?

MLA format
Length: 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced (not including Works Cited page)
12-point font (New Times Roman or Arial)
A minimum of three correctly quoted and documented sources (one of which should be the reading that you are addressing.

This essay will take the shape of the classical argument, comprised of six parts. These parts are not necessarily separate and distinct. The introduction, narration, and partition, for example, will be several paragraphs long but all constitute the first part of your essay.

Introduction � introduce the topic, easing the reader into the subject. A good way to introduce the topic in this assignment is by beginning with the work of literature that you are addressing.
Narration � provide necessary and background for the reader to understand the topic. In this part of the essay, you should explain the issue to the reader, giving enough context for the reader to understand the debate. You should also connect the issue to the reader to show him why the issue it important.
Partition � state your claim, or thesis. Again, your claim should be both debatable and defendable.
Argument � make your argument, basing it upon logos. Use outside sources to illustrate or support your points. Do not, however, merely stitch together quotations.
Refutation � acknowledge opposing viewpoints, then show why they are not valid or preferable.
Conclusion � reiterate the main idea and bring the argument to a close.

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