Operation Management; Cadbury World Case Study custom essay

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– By using the given case study, please answer the question below.
– You may use tables and diagrams which will not be included in the word count.
– The assignment must be presented in a form that complies with the basic conventions of a report format.

The Questions are;
Q1 Explain the difference between Micro and Macro processes as applied to the case Cadbury World. Select 4 Micro operations and describe them in terms of an input-transformation-output model.
15 marks

Q2.Draw a process flow chart showing how customers are processed through the operation from start to finish. What does this suggest about the process design?
15 marks

3.1 Calculate the capacity of each of the processes in question 2 above
3.2 Calculate the projected annual ,weekly and hourly demand from the data in the case (Mid August to end of December 4.5 months). Explain the impact of seasonality on these figures.
(30 marks)

4.1 Explain how Cadbury world management has varied capacity to respond to changes in demand
4.2 Where are the bottlenecks in the process and how could service be amended to increase bottleneck capacity?
(30 marks)

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