the glass’ rim was observed to oscillate with an amplitude custom essay

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A glass with radius 33mm was placed in front of speakers. A 5 Watt sound wave was applied at frequency 800Hz, the glass’ rim was observed to oscillate with an amplitude of 5mm. As the sound was increased to 140dB the glass fractured.

How does this phenomenon work? Discuss a comparison between the physics of the breaking glass and the workings of the human larynx.

Your response should include: A description of the physical phenomenon with all relevant formulas and the design and explanation of an experiment.
To complete ERT you must (i) process the information, demonstrating an understanding of processes and phenomena (ii) interpret and analyse data (iii) explain relationships between concepts, principles and theories (iv) evaluate information and justify ideas (v)communicate ideas.
Your assignment should be enhanced by the use of relevant tables, graphs, diagrams and/or photographs and references (Harvard) and an annotated bibliography.

The ERT must include: reproduction and interpretation of complex and challenging concepts, theories and principles with regards to the breaking of glass via sound; detailed comparison and explanation of the human larynx and the resinating wine glass; formulation of effective and efficient design, refinement and management of investigations; systematic analysis of secondary data to identity relationships between patterns and variables; analysis, evaluation and identification of complex scientific interraltionships with regards to the physics of sound; discriminating selection, use and presentation of scientific data.

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