Oral Health Promotion Models custom essay

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(Read): Nutbeam D & Harris E, Theory in a Nutshell
Using evidence, discuss how you could implement a smoking cessation program in an oral health setting based on the transtheoretical (stages of change) model discussed in chapter 2. What, if any, barriers are there to implementing a smoking cessation program.
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“I want you to relate the five basic stages of change from the transthoretical model in the text to a smoking cessation program. You can use a similar format as that in table 2.1 on page 18 (chapter 2) to present your model. You should use evidence to support the ‘action’ you want to implement at each particular ‘stage of change.’ This tells the reader you have looked at the research and that your information is based on best-practice. There is lots of literature out there in regard to quitting smoking. The 5A’s smoking cessation model is well researched and a good place to start. ”
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