Pagan influence on the Resurrection Custom Essay

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The Second Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed around 70 CE. With the Temple destroyed the focal point of the ancient Judaism was destroyed and the people were exiled. The early Jesus movement, once filled with his early Jewish followers, now fell under the control of the non-Jewish, pagan Jesus followers who were later called Christians. This changed the new religion’s point of view on the resurrection, its meaning, and future fulfillment. The paper needs to address in details the following questions:

1. How did Gentile philosophy change the resurrection and its meaning to the early Christians?

2. In what ways did pagan theology have an impact on the resurrection view taken by the early Christians?

3. Can any of these changes or different points of views be seen in a critical analysis of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and the Book of Acts? What about the Gospel of John?

Avoid the Book of Revelation. Do not mention that one at all in the paper.

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