Resurrection among Ancient Judeans Custom Essay

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The Discover Channel aired 2 specials: The Lost Tomb of Jesus and The Jesus Family Tomb. Both specials deal, not only with the physical presence of the tombs that may or may not contain the remains of Jesus and his family, but also raises questions about the resurrection. If the tombs are really his then what did the first disciples mean when they claimed him resurrected?
The 1st Christians were his earliest Jewish followers who never saw themselves as creating another religion so the paper needs to answer the following questions in detail:
1. Did the ancient Jews have any resurrection views? Resurrection is closely linked to the concept of sin. How was sin viewed in ancient Judaism? Was it communal or individual? Both? How was it to be absolved? Any views about life after death?
2. What role did the Messiah play in the resurrection and in sin absolution in ancient Judaism?
3. How did these views influence the earliest Christian texts, which are the letters of Paul and the Gospel of Mark? Can any evidence be found of these views in these texts using critical analysis?
4. The Second Temple of Judaism was completely destroyed around 70 CE. It was never built again. It’s importance in the life of the ancient Judeans can not be overstated or underestimated. With its destruction did the Jewish point of view regarding the resurrection give way to the Gentile, pagan influence?
10 sources were selected for this paper but 10 sources are not required. If the writer uses les than 1o that’s fine. It should at least be 5 sources, more books than articles.

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