Please review the instructors comments from my original submission of the assignment Custom Essay

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Your paper provides an overwhelming amount of data about the construction industry, which is commendable, however it does not answer the questions set out in your assignment #4. You did not answer any of the assignment questions. If you choose to resubmit, please be advised that question 3 requires two separate answers…advantages of use of the DOD method and disadvantages of use. Students frequently answer the first part and forget about the second part. I would eliminate any research that does not directly contribute to your responses to the four questions.

I’m submitting the original assignment and hopefully you will not make the same mistakes.

In this assignment, you are to play the role of an expert on managing major programs. Assume the following lengthy article that appeared in the Boston Globe comprises a report you have received about the Big Dig project in Boston, one of the costliest and most politically charged major programs in history. You should read the report with a measure of skepticism ? the writer is neither an expert in managing major programs, nor a disinterested third party observer of events. Still, the ?report? is filled with interesting facts that certainly indicate that we are dealing here with a trouble-filled program.
When you have done reading the report, please address the following questions:
1. In summary, what does the report?s author blame for the problems encountered on the Big Dig project?
2. As an expert, to what extent do you think the author has got things right? Based on your knowledge of what it takes to manage major programs, how would you summarize what went wrong with this project?
3. To what extent do you feel that if the Big Dig had followed the US Department of Defense approach to managing major programs it would have been more successful? What problems might arise in trying to employ the US DoD approach?
4. What lessons can be derived from the Big Dig experience that can be shared with individuals and organizations that are about to begin work on a major program?

Your answer should be no longer than ten pages long, using single space and 12 point font. In reviewing your response, I will be looking for evidence that you can hold original views that reflect a solid grasp of program management issues.

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