sociology of family; specific as possible using both evidence from the readings and the lectures Custom Essay

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Please make sure your answers are as specific as possible using both evidence from the readings and the lectures. Make sure you have at least one page for each question using specific evidence from the readings and the lectures. For each question, write a well-constructed, organized essay. Make sure your answers are well-organized and proof-read before submitting. You can agree/disagree- either way is fine, but it is important to show that you understand the research and can use it. PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED READINGS, THE ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION MUST BE AT LEAST 1 PAGE, USE EVIDENCE FROM READINGS TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, FOR QUESTION TWO YOU HAVE TO WATCH A SHORT VIDEO TO ANSWER IT, QUESTION 1+3+4 FROM THE READINGS ATTACHED. PLEASE WORK YOUR BEST ON THIS ONE.

1.What is the French models of child care like? How does it differ from the other models?
2.What does Helen Fisher talk about in her two lectures? How does she define love?
3.What are non-standard shifts? What are the effects of the 24 hour economy? How does it affect relationships?
4.What do American families spend money on? Compared to before, what expenses have increased and which areas have decreased?

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