Poetry Essay Research Paper

Poetry can be defined as language under pressure. A poet seeks to create meaning using images and metaphor to say things in terms of another. The creator of a poem often has less space to make his or her point than a novelist or playwright. Read the following poems, then answer the following questions in a well developed and structured essay. Pick a poem or pair of poems and write an analytical essay that describes your relationship to the poem(s). I’m especially interested in hearing your interpretation of themes and images that occur in the poetry. What connections can you make to other texts that we have studied this semester? How does the poetry affect you in your daily life as a nurse? Your essay should be personal (NOT what you found on a website. Plagiarism rules will be strictly enforced, meaning you must cite any idea that is not 100% your own). Create a well developed essay that uses textual evidence to support your claims.

Reading Assignment (Make sure you read the introduction to each writer for important background facts and helpful information for understanding the poems themselves.)

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