Professional Learning Needs in Relation to Quality Teaching Custom Essay

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Whenever you have a question or you are not sure about any point please send me a msg and I will ask my teacher also please try to finish it before the due date so I’ll be able to ask my teacher and see if I still need some works to be done . Remember I doing that to benefit both of us for me to get great marks and for you to do all my other papers .Please use (KU ) English please see the following points :
Provide an analysis of the teacher professional learning needs in relation to Quality Teaching in your own school or District or other work context. Draw on the course readings and other relevant material to identify key factors likely to facilitate or inhibit such professional learning in your context. In so doing, synthesise and analyse factors – don’t simply list them.
1. Quality of analysis
2. Depth of understanding 3. Written communication
A marking rubric will be supplied prior to assignment submission.
A coversheet is required for this assignment. This assignment must be submitted to Turnitin Submit assignment via e-mail to coordinator by email to coordinator
Assignment will not be marked until any and all submission requirements are met

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