Project Planning Coursework Research Paper

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The construction project upon which this coursework is based is a School located in central Scotland. The project has a contract period of 18 months at a cost of £8m but your programme will be allowed to vary from this by 10%.

Construction Materials and Methods
Steel Frame Building
Ground bearing Concrete Slabs and Concrete Holorib suspended slabs
External Concrete Facing Blockwork
Metal faced Composite Cladding
Aluminium Curtain Walling
Insulated Framed Render Systems
Insulated Membrane / Stand and Seam Roofs
Inner Leaf Structural Framing System
Internal Metal Stud Plasterboard partitions

You are required to produce a programme for this project using project planning software
( Microsoft Project) with an accompanying report. This programme should comprise at least 60 activities and demonstrate all the functionalities of the software, including: the use of sub-projects, resources, sub-resources (including levelling as appropriate), costs, calendars, etc. It is very important that your reasoning for the resource levelling is displayed (by including printouts of before and after levelling as well as explaining it in the report) so that you are given full credit for your rationale. Your calendar should display sufficient complexity to model real-world situations.

It is understood that you may not have sufficient experience to estimate accurately the durations of a number of activities or their resource requirements. You are free to ask others with more experience for assistance in this area and make suitable assumptions.
If information is not available for certain areas of the project feel free to make assumptions and state them in your report.

Instructions on how to print out barcharts and precedence networks etc using the plotter are in the PERTMASTER Survival Guide.

1.A Report (well presented) which contains your assumptions (method of construction, durations, costs and resource requirements), a precedence network, bar chart and any other printouts (eg resource histograms) you require to illustrate your programme. Guidelines for the report are provided at the end of this document.
This submission must represent your own work – any copying of files or other plagiarism will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings


Logical Planning demonstrating e.g.:
-competence in the linking and sequencing of tasks
-the use of sub-projects
-awareness of the floats (total and free)
-the use of milestones and baselines

Resource Levelling/Smoothing demonstrating,
-use of sub-resources
-use of squads
-before and after displays (resourcing)
Use of other features of the Software showing competence in their use, e.g.:
-use of different types of calendars
-cost reports
-time reports
Production of a Report which should include:
-methods of construction
-clear explanation of all assumptions
-brief explanation of all printouts such as precedence network, resource charts etc. (Max 2000 words)

1-Logical Planning
2-Resource Levelling/Smoothing
3-Use of features of Software
4-Project report

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