Reflective essay- Change, complexity and your career custom essay

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There are 2 pervasive characteristic of the modern workplace environment: change is constant and increased complexity. THe ‘Boudaryless career’ and the ‘Protean career’ are frameworks that identify the impact these characteristic on the contemporary careers.

Describe and analyse the impact of change and complexity in relation to your current career aspirations or your current career path. In your answer, cover the context of your career (industry, the job/role you want to pursue) and your individual characteristic( social and human capital). Apply theory and give examples to support your argument.
Some issues to consider:
1. Context:
a. Industry you are aspiring to join- what kind of change is characteristic of the industry; what is the rate of change; how is changed perceived; are their many stakeholders? Are their many alternatives that need to be identified and decision made? is the rate of technological adaptation high/low?
b. JOb/rold you are aspiting to- what are the characteristics inherent to the role that create complexity?; how does the role interact with other roles or organisational structure to increase/decrease the complexity?How does technology affect complexity in this role? Do the job requirements change often?
2. The individual( you) and change and complexity:
a. Human capital- which personal attributes do you feel will help or hinder your ability to deal with the change and complexity inherent to the role and/or the industry? why? what kinds of trait or behaviors are important for your ‘toolbox’ to deal with change and complexity in the future?
b. Social capital- Will there be an impact of personal and professional networks and cultural norms on helping or hindering your ability to deal with change or complexity inherent to the role and/or the industry. Why or why not?

I will give you the folder link of sources. Also, i will upload my demographic and my analyse of strength and weakness so you can understand and write this essay easier. Please analyse deeply since this is reflective essay

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