Reflective essay- decision making and me custom essay

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Complexity, choice paradox, biases and indecision are just some of the related discussion topics. This question focus on How you have made decision regarding your career to date. Apply theory and give examples to support your argument:
1. Describe and analyse two different decisions that you have made that had a major impact on your career, one that has had a negative impact and one that has had a positive impact
* Hint: i’m currently studying HR management and want to be a HR manager in Entertainment company. one positive decision is I did a major in HR management and minor in Manager. the negative decision is I chose studying Commerce instead of Media or Art that i really like and even have skill for it

2. Describe and analyse your decision making process for each decision- using the Heckhausen & Hackhausen (2008) model descibed in the lectures and theory discussed in the course
*Hint: i will post the lecture slide so you can understand how to write

3. Indentify individual variables and situational variables that had effect on the decision. What aspects of these decisions were part of your personality and which were due to the situational variables?
*Hint: the positive decision is affected by my interest ( in cinema and music so i want to be a manager in that sector to fulfill my interest), parent’s experience ( my parents worked in HR and have a certain level of knowledge to guide and help me in the future), ability( i love communication and high listening skill, so stupid in Maths therefore cannot study sth like Finanace or Accounting)
+ THe negative decision is affected by my parents( they want me to take commerce so they can help me whenever i need), society norm ( in my country, who study commerce will be easier to find job; study art or media not popular in my country or get a low income compare to commerce one)

4. Evaluation
a. Describe the outcome
b. What were the consequences? descibe both intended and unintended consequences
c. Were their options that you did not identify or consider at the time you made decision?
d. Identify lessons learnt for future decision making- what will you do differently or the same next time? Why?
*HInt: i’m satisfied with the positive decision since i can fulfill my dream and even less regret for the negative decision cause i still can work sth related to art/media
For negative decision, I’m really regret that i did not take Art/Media. When i study commerce, it’s really hard time for me, i do not have any motivation because it’s not what i like, i have many skills in Art/Media compare to nothing in Commerce. It’s quite a bad result from no confidence to choose what i like and not really understand what is my ability

I will upload 3 article as source for this essay and also the lecture slide so you can have something to base on. For the detail besides my hint, you just write base on your imagination, that’s fine for me.Besides, please analyse deeper since it’s reflective essay

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