reflective essay- my career toolbox custom essay

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Throughout the course we have identified tools that would be useful to pack for your career journey.
a. Explain the ‘toolbox’ metaphor and why it is relevant for careers. Use theory, frameworks and concepts from the course
b. Toolbox content:
i. Identify and describe tools from the course that you would carry in your toolbox( be thorough)
ii. Of the tools you have identified choose at least 5 tools that you think will be of most importance for achieving success in your career.
iii. Define and describe the tools and explain how you think they will help your career now and in the future.
iv. Discuss the characteristics of the tools, whether they are strength or need to be developed, and how they apply to your career.

Use the S.W.O.T analysis, frameworks, constructs and information from readings and lecture content to explain your choices.
* Please note: THe self assessment tools( WVI, career anchors..) do not form part of your toolbox. Rather, we are looking for skills and constructs you can apply throughout your career.

I will give you the folder link for sources. Besides, i will upload my demographic and also the analysis of my assessment result( my strength and weakness) so you can write this essay easier. Please analyse deeply and give experience because this is reflective essay

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