Service Product Analysis custom essay

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Service Product Analysis
The Role of Physical Evidence
Explain the role of the business’s service-scape: what are the physical elements of the service and how do customers and employees respond to the physical evidence?
Explain this in terms of both cognitive and affective responses. Can the physical evidence be used as a competitive advantage within this industry? Is it currently being used to gain competitive advantage? If not, what needs to be done here?

The interview questions for the group project in the Marketing of Services:
1. What kind of atmosphere does your restaurant try to create? And what physical elements (e.g. equipments, music, uniforms of the employees, other customers etc) does your restaurant use to create the atmosphere?

a.Calm, relaxing, stylish, quiet and clean atmosphere

b.Use relaxing music (Live music on Friday to Sunday)

2. What do you think are your restaurant’s competitive advantages (e.g. quality of food, staff, location etc)?

a.Brand as a five star hotel
b.Food quality
c.Personalised, good service – weekly training (e.g. wine tasting &coffee making)

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