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please pick 3 question to write 3 short answer questions, please write 600-700 words each.
Question 1.
If you wished to undertake a survey of employees in your workplace, what aspects of
research methodology should you consider and why? Use examples from the theories
you have studied in this unit to illustrate your discussion.
Question 2.
Using examples, discuss the factors that influence the perception process. Explain how
perceptual errors can affect an employment interview.
Question 3.
Explain the similarities and differences between the Ohio and Michigan studies on
leadership. Discuss how situational and contingency theories of leadership build on these
behavioural theories, but go beyond them.
Question 4.
Explain the five-stage group development model and identify the critical issues in each
stage. What are the implications of “groupthink” for group behaviour and decisionmaking?
Question 5.
Think of the organisation you work for or an organisation you are familiar with. Give
examples of its observable culture. How did this culture develop and how is it
Question 6.
Discuss the key elements of organisational change theory and their relevance for
overcoming resistance to change and managing the change process. Illustrate your
discussion with relevant examples.
Question 7.
Explain the communication model and process and discuss ways in which managers and
employees can improve communication in the workplace.
37 of 39 Question 8.
Explain the structural variables of norms, roles and cohesiveness and how the Zimbardo
experiment OR Hawthorne studies have contributed to our understanding of groups.
Question 9.
Identify the sources and consequences of stress and discuss how they can be managed
by both individuals and organisations.
Question 10.
a) What are the Big Five personality traits and how do they predict work behaviour?
b) Explain at least two personality traits and discuss how a knowledge of personality
traits can assist managers to improve organisational outcomes.

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