Simulation Application custom essay

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Answer all questions, approximately 1/3 to ½ page answer. All questions are of equal value.

1. The following is a list of rules/guidelines for use when using a flight simulator

o Never Give Up
o Fly the sim like an aircraft
o Never crash
o Make full use of checklists
o Embrace automation

Explain three of these!

2. What do you regard as important inclusions in the instructor station? That is, what inputs and outputs should be available?

3. a. A flight simulator has been built however the motion system is faulty. Does the device still qualify as a flight simulator? Show definition of a flight simulator and MOS 60 reference.
b. Does a simulator built for a Boeing 787 need to have a collimated display? Identify proof of your answer.

4. A common visual system fitted to cheaper simulators is that of individual CRT multi-screens systems. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of visual system and how do they compare to continuous field of view systems?

5. “The educational usefulness of any training device, particularly a synthetic flight trainer, is largely a function of student and instructor attitude”. Discuss.

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