Sparta Ancient History custom essay

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Exam Essays- choose 4 essay questions from the folowing. No references needed. But please use material I send you.

Assessment 5 – Final Examination 40%

Length: 2,500 words



You must answer four questions.
Answer one question from each of sections A, B and C; your fourth question may be chosen from any section.
All questions are of equal value.

Do not use footnotes.

Do at least one question from this section, but not more than two questions.

1. Outline with examples the strong and weak points of Xenophon as a chronicler and commentator on Sparta.

2. Demaratus says to Xerxes,

 [The Spartans] are free, yet not wholly free: law is their master, whom they fear much more than your men fear you. They do whatever it bids; and its bidding is always the same, that they must never flee from the battle before any multitude of men, but must abide at their post and there conquer or die. 

 Does Demaratus statement adequately encapsulate Herodotus attitude to the Spartans?

 3. Outline with examples the view Thucydides takes of the Spartan character in his History of the Peloponnesian war. Does he fully endorse what King Archidamus says below?

 Slow and cautious can equally well be wise and sensible? Certainly it is because we possess these qualities that we are the only people who do not become arrogant when we are successful, and who in times of stress are less likely to give in than others.

 4. What inconsistencies are there between Isocrates images of Sparta in the Archidamus and the Panathenaicus?


Do at least one question from this section, but not more than two questions.

5. Focusing on the eighth century BC, discuss how Spartan power grew in the Peloponnese, and how there came to be (in Irad Malkin’s words) a Spartan Mediterranean?.

6. What victories and what defeats did Sparta experience in its struggles in the seventh and sixth centuries to extend Spartan power into the Argolid and Arcadia?

7. Trace relations between Sparta and Persia before 480 BC.

8. Outline the importance of marriage, sex outside marriage, and homosexuality at Sparta. In what respects was Sparta different from the rest of Greece on these matters?


Do at least one question from this section, but not more than two questions.

9. To what degree did the formation of the Delian League (478) represent a defeat for Spartan policy? How much blame attaches to the regent Pausanias for what happened?

10. In what respects did Spartan action in the Peloponnesian war, and Sparta?s eventual victory, make Greece freer than it had been before, and in what respects did they reduce the aggregate of Greek freedom?

11. Describe how Epaminondas and the Thebans defeated Cleombrotus and the Spartans at the battle of Leuctra.

12. Paul Cartledge says,

 “the Spartans were willing, indeed culturally educated, to die for their ideals: that is, to sacrifice their individual lives for the sake of some greater collective goal” 

Narrate briefly some cases in which Spartans failed to do this. Were there so many failures of this kind in Sparta in the classical period that it is unrealistic to admire the Spartans for having, or rather, claiming to have, an ideal of self-sacrifice?

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