Social Media Assignment: Discuss the current business models adopted by 3 social media platforms, and the sustainability of those models Custom Essay

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BUAD 477 Final: 20 Points. Five points for each question answered. Question 1: 3 pages. The remaining questions: 2 pages. Questions 1

and 2 are required. You should answer 4 questions.
Your answers should be e-mailed to me, as one document that includes your name, no later than end of day, Wednesday, December 11.
It has been a pleasure teaching this course.
1. REQUIRED. Discuss the current business models adopted by 3 social media platforms, and the sustainability of those models. Consider

how these models may change in the future, and how they are adapting to mobile versus PC if applicable.
2. REQUIRED. Describe 3 key takeaways from Quiet Storm Surf Shop, Yoga Studio, Toms, Nokia/Microsoft Phone, Jack Daniels, and Romanick

Pottery. You can select three particular tactics adopted by the different topic, and why you think they will work, or three ideas you

learned, or a mix.
3. Social media platforms create a lot of value. That value is shared by the platform, marketers and users. Discuss and contrast

examples, and how the value sharing differs with traditional media.
4. Discuss the competitive nature of the mobile operating systems market-place. Explain why Google chose to go “open source” with

Android, and the importance of each platform’s ecosystem. Feel free to speculate on how the competition will evolve, using rational

5. Examine the status of the mobile payments market-place. Make a case for which vendor(s) will successfully compete in this market-

place as the market-place matures.
6. Big data; hype or reality? What are the promises that “Big Data” will provide, and what are the risks.
7. There are many examples of industries being disintermediated and reshaped as a result of advancements in technologies. Pick an

industry that has been changed, and highlight the changes and the technologies that drove those changes.

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