Southern Baroque Art: “Spectacle of the Baroque”; Interpreting Poussin Custom Essay

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Elizabeth Cropper and Charles Dempsey, Nicolas Poussin: Friendship and the Love of Painting (Princeton, 1996), esp. chpt. 3, pp. 109-144 and chpt. 5, pp.177-215.
Todd Olson, “Painting for the French: Poussin, the Fronde and the Politics of Difficulty,” in Commemorating Poussin: Reception and Interpretation of the Artist, ed. Katie Scott and Genevieve Warwick (Cambridge, 1999), pp. 155-189.
Jonathan Unglaub, “Poussin’s Reflection,” The Art Bulletin 86 (2004), pp. 505-528 (available on JSTOR).
Jonathan Unglaub, “Poussin’s Esther Before Ahasuerus: Beauty, Majesty, Bondage", The Art Bulletin 85 (2003), pp. 114-136.
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Pierre Rosenberg and Keith Christiansen, eds., Poussin and Nature: Arcadian Visions, exh. cat. (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2008).
Discuss and evaluate various scholarly interpretations of Poussin’s art. Choose at least four but no more than six of his paintings to analyze, and include at least one landscape allegory. Develop a position informed by the readings listed above, in addition to at least three other sources.

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