Students will work individually to write an essay on a destination of their choice Custom Essay

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The essay must describe and critique the history of tourism, the hospitality management practices, and the ethical practices and theories present in the tourism industry in the destination. This essay must not only comment on these areas, but also critique and discuss these areas; are they effective, are they ‘right’, should there be improvements, how, why or why not? Etc. The essay must be appropriately referenced according to Harvard standards. The essay should be 2,000 words.
The lecturer reserves the right to conduct a verbal questioning session on the report if the individual student’s report grade does not match their in-class performance.

The report must be submitted by Sunday 24th November at 0900 in the Library AND on Turnitin.
A 10% grade reduction can be applied if the references are insufficient in terms of quality or number. (the destination is Australia)

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