System Analysis and Modelling Research Paper

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Case Study Assignment – Part 1
This is the first of three components for your case study. You should now complete part 1 of your analysis.
There are 6 components required for this assignment. The topics here have been or will be referenced in the lectures as well as exercise components in the tutorials.
This assignment should not exceed 4 or 5 pages including diagrams. Use the title page template (provided). You may have as many pages of references as required to support your work. Poor or inappropriate referencing will cost you marks.
1. Write a project purpose for your case study (expected length 2 paragraphs).
This is the essential system purpose. Note that the system purpose is not a technical discussion; it is a business discussion.
If you start using the words “computer”, “program”, “software” and so on then you are not describing the purpose of the system. You would be describing the technical implementation. This is not what is needed here.
2. Identify the Stakeholders for your case study.
This needs to be more than a simple list. There is much literature that described how you might identify and classify stakeholders. You are urged to explore this and form your analysis based on your investigations. The text book as a great starting point, but should not be the only research here.
3. Develop a rich picture or equivalent diagram for your case study. (VISIO File)
You have been shown what a rich picture looks like and what it contains. There are many variations. Consider the key elements in a rich picture. Your tutorial exercise note will be invaluable here. Consider why you are creating this artifact and for whom. I expect that you will have already researched these matters and reflecting the results of your research in the assignment. Don”t forget to cite and reference your research.
4. Develop a table of events, conditions (if applicable) and responses for your case study.
This too has been illustrated in the lecture and should reflect your investigation in the tutorials.
5. All assumptions/answers to client questions by client representative (tutor or lecturer) must be documented.
6. List of references (Harvard style).
This assignment is not intended to be presented as a many pages of writing. We are looking for evidence of research and reasoning.
The marking schema is based on the following grid:
Learning Outcomes

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