Technical proposal: Installing an Alternative Power Supply Research Paper

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You are a technician employed by H. L. Winman and Associates and currently you are engaged in a three month project under contract to a major client: Terrapin Control Systems. The project started seven weeks ago and will run for another eight weeks. The difficulty is that over the past four weeks you have twice experienced power outages that have destroyed the tests for that particular day, which means you are now two days behind schedule and there is no more time available if you are to finish the project by the prescribed completion date. (If there is a delay beyond that date, Terrapin Control Systems will impose a cost penalty of $1000 per day.)
Each day you test two sets of switches, one of which is exposed to extreme heat and the other is exposed to extreme cold. At the start of each test, the switches are placed in an oven or a freezer chamber, the temperature is increased or decreased to an optimum level, and the switches are made to operate continuously and automatically for fourteen hours. To avoid the cost of having a technician present at night, you have installed timers that shut off the chambers at a prescribed time each night. The interruption by power outages means the switches have experienced non-standard testing and have had to be discarded.
To prevent another power outage from affecting the tests, you realize you must have a backup power supply. Write a proposal to your manager, John Grayson, in which you recommend that the company either buy or lease backup power supply. You will need to do some research to determine:
• what types of power supply are available;
• what strength of power supply will be sufficient (to do this you may choose your own specifications);
• whether you will require one or two power supplies (one each for the oven and deepfreeze chamber);
• whether it will be more economical to purchase or to lease the power supply; and
• the cost of purchasing versus the cost of leasing.
In your proposal, describe the various power supplies that are available and compare them. Be ready, too, to counter a possible suggestion that it would be less expensive and more efficient to have a technician on site at night rather than buy or lease a backup power supply. Remember that a technician cannot prevent the power outage and so cannot prevent test degradation.
You are required to do some research for this assignment. Read pages 635 to 664 in your Technical Communication Textbook and the MLA and APA sections in your LBCH. You need to have a minimum of two sources, and each source needs to be used in an in-text citation and in the Reference/Works Cited list (depending on whether you use APA or MLA). Only one of the two sources can be from an Internet website.
This assignment has a minimum word limit of 700 words and a maximum word limit of 850 words. It also needs to include the following three Headings: Introduction, Proposed Plan, and Conclusion. You can have subheadings within each of these three headings if you want. This assignment needs to be in paragraph format, and if you are using a subheading of “Scope,” you can number the steps (see pg. 551 in your Technical Communication Textbook).

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