The correlation between worship and moral behavior Research Paper

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a) The text (including the citation must be a minimum of 6 pages (about 2000 words). The ?work cited? page is in addition to this minimum. A paper of less than 6 pages of text- (7) pages total- will receive a 0.
b) There is a 5-item minimum for the work cited. Do NOT count the bible, Internet sources or the MLA style manual as one of the five. A paper CITING less than 5 sources will receive a 0.
c) Margins: 1 inch, Font: Times New Roman 12pt.
d) Use the ATLA Religion index to locate published theological articles and books on the topic.
e) Must use databases for sources
f) This is research. The paper is not for an opinion, feelings, beliefs or feelings. Find authorities who agree with you- and cite their published opinions. Internet sources are not published opinions; nor are the personal interviews. If the internet sources are used, they must be in addition to the minimum 5 sources.
g) Use spell check. In addition, either word processing program’s spell check or Document info feature should be able to do a ?word count.?
h) Consult and follow the dictates of the MLA Style as found in :MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.
i) How the paper looks, the form in which you cite your authorities, your punctuation and spelling- and the elegance with which you express your ideas- are all important.
j) Avoid the use of all contractions in formal written speech, e.g. its
k) The paper should reflect that is was written for this course only, a course in theology.

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