Pine Valley Furniture case study Research Paper

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Read the “Pine Valley Furniture” Case at the end of Chapter 1 under Case Problems, and answer question 1, parts a through d (pp. 27-28).

Answers for all case study assignments must be clear, concise, and detailed. A yes or no answer will not receive any credit. All answers must be word-processed, spell-checked, and written with correct grammar and syntax. Points will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors as well as short answers.

1. Pine Valley Furniture
Alex Schuster began Pine Valley Furniture as a hobby. Initially, Alex would build custom furniture in his garage for friends and family. As word spread about his quality craftsmanship, he began taking orders. The hobby has since evolved into a medium-sized business, employing more than 50 workers.

a.How did Pine Valley Furniture go about developing its information systems? Why do you think the company chose this option? What other options were available?

b.One option available to Pine Valley Furniture was an enterprise-wide system. What features does an enterprise-wide system, such as SAP, provide? What is the primary advantage of an enterprise-wide system?

c.Pine Valley Furniture will be hiring two systems analysts next month. Your task is to develop a job advertisement for these positions. Locate several Web sites or newspapers that have job advertisements for systems analysts. What skills are required?

d.What types of information systems are currently utilized at Pine Valley Furniture? Provide an example of each.

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